• On December 27th Lions vs 49ers

On December 27th Lions vs 49ers

Detroit takes on San Francisco at Ford Field

In Detroit, Ford Field is a household name, and so are the Lions. On December 27th, the two converge in a showdown against San Francisco on Detroit’s home turf. Predicted to win, this is Detroit’s 16th game of the season, and with the same 4-9 record as San Francisco, they’ll both put all they have into every quarter. Detroit’s solid red-zone offense is expected to carry them to a victory, as well as their ability to sack opponents. Wide Receiver, Calvin Johnson, ranked number 6 out of top 100 players this year, and is one of the team’s best come-back strategies.

Fans have already gotten a taste of Detroit’s wins though, the team coming off a great 11-5 record last year with their new head coach, Jim Caldwell. The winning streak was long overdue and bolstered the city to rally around the team. And despite this season’s losses, the stadium still packs in die-hard fans of “the pride of Detroit,” seating over 60,000 in the indoor arena. For those of us siding with predictions, this could be the team’s don’t-miss game of the year. So get your tickets, dawn your blue jerseys and grab some SLOWS to-go outside of section 130. It just might be a victory meal!

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Ford Field
2000 Brush St, Detroit, MI 48226
Downtown Detroit
Game plays December 27th at 1pm
For more information look here.