• Green Hornet & The Lone Ranger – DETROIT!

Green Hornet & The Lone Ranger – DETROIT!

Cool Things Detroit is Famous For

One of Detroit’s coolest moments was in 1933 when the Lone Ranger first played over WZYZ’s airwaves. Fred Foy’s opening words, “Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear,” were just the beginning of a long and successful story of a hero behind a mask. The result of Fran Striker’s hit show was a mass following of little boys with look-alike double barrel holsters and masks, a series of comics and TV shows— and the spin off Green Hornet show. If there was anything to match a Lone Ranger vigilante by day, it was a crime fighting Green Hornet by night.

Today, a horse named Silver, a companion named Tonto and the man who shot with silver bullets easily bring the Lone Ranger to mind. And while the rest of the world may love the “masked rider of the plains,” Detroit has an extra special place for him in our hearts— the place where it first began.

Detroiter’s are keeping the memory alive every year with the annual Lone Ranger Festival. This year’s event scheduled for August 6th, 2016. The celebration starts out with a parade in Downtown Oxford, home of George Seaton, the voice of the radio production’s Lone Ranger. In the midst of the festivities, you can almost still hear him still say, “Hi ho Silver, away!”