• Get Your Guide to Detroit’s Men are from Mars Women are from Venus

Detroit’s Men are from Mars Women are from Venus

Review and Guide to Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

We’re giving our regards to Broadway for the hit show, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Your jaw will hurt from laughing. The comedy, based on the John Gray’s best-seller, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus takes pop-phycology and turns into a true laughing matter.

Even if you come from a different planet than the date you brought with you, you’ll both elbow and nudge your way through the show as you laugh about the hilarious (and mostly true) differences as told by Peter Story. It’s a brilliant mix of truism and relational sabotage, with videos of John Gray interjected to add to the hilarity.

You’ll finally understand what a woman means when she says she has nothing to wear and raise the curtain on the stereo-typical mysteries of the opposite sex—in a way that’s nothing like a lecture hall. They don’t really sell bumper stickers after the show that say, “less nagging, more shagging,” but you get the idea, and if they did, John Gray wants one.

Don’t the generalizations and one-man cast may scare you off; take it for what is it—an (almost true) retelling of everything from dating to the bedroom coming from a likeable storyteller who might just have the antidote to make two planets converge.

Photo courtesy of Broadway on 6th Street

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Event Details
The City Theater
January 22nd– 31st
2301 Woodward Ave
Detroit, MI
Ages 18 and up only
For more information look here.