• Detroit Michigan Attractions

Detroit Michigan Attractions

5 Brilliant Ways the Revival Will Change Your Life

Detroit Michigan attractions are now happening. The city-wide revival is sweeping through town from one abandoned lot to another. From Woodward Gardens to TechTown, business entrepreneurs, artists, architects, techies– anyone strong enough to carry a dream are breathing new life to Motor Town and bringing a shiny new future with them.

While the list of Detroit Michigan attractions is a long one, the following is our list of the top 5 steps in Detroit’s revival that are about to change your life.

“Creative Boom”
Detroit is prime real-estate for creativity. Step into Mudgies for their daily soup special, or visit the Huron Room and you’ll see (or taste) for yourself the creative unleashing that’s happening all over the city. Detroit’s coolest businesses, like the Ocelot Print Shop and Hugh, are proof of the creative boom rising up all over the city. Galapagos Art Space recently relocated to Detroit, a city wide-open for new artists. Its founder Robert Elmes said in a Detroit News interview, “New York has become far too expensive to incubate young artists. That’s our sole mission — to grow talent…”

Real Estate Potential
Your pockets don’t have to be deep right now to buy in to the city. After the economic crash, abandoned homes and business littered Motor City. Today that’s changing, and many people are investing back into Detroit’s Streetscape. Jerry Paffendorf has made it even easier to track down abandoned property owners for future buyers with new apps like WhyDontWeOwnThis.com and SiteControl.us.

After a government bankruptcy, it’s the city’s population who is bringing it back to life. Bruce Katz explains, “These developments are the result of a network of public, private, and civic institutions coming together in the absence of a functioning city government.” The population growth is in the combination of big companies relocating to Detroit and bringing with them jobs and people, and the small business start-ups which are re-facing the city’s abandoned buildings, making it a better place to live. Bruce Katz goes on, “Innovation districts reflect a new vision of where innovative firms want to locate and where talented workers want to live and work.”

Real Estate Gold Mine
Homeowners, businesses and investors alike are buying up Detroit. In big cities all over the US, purchasing prime locations come with a high price tag. In Detroit, the potential for buyers is huge. Apps like Streetscape were designed to speed up the process of real estate sales. Whether you’re on the buying end of this updraft, or part of the community who can appreciate the cityscape returning to its former glory, this buy-in is just what the city needed. Right now, Detroit is a real estate gold mind.

Money makes the world go round—and the city’s new cash flow is sweeping from corner to corner. Detroit’s downtown is just one example. Big names like Compuware, Quicken Loans and Blue Cross Blue Shield have brought in thousands of jobs to the city’s core. In his article, “To Revive Detroit, Revive it’s core, Bruce Katz writes, “[they are] leaving behind suburban office parks in favor of urban office buildings.”
Detroit may be making one of the most epic come backs in America’s history so buckle up for the ride. Motor city is on the fast track of change.

“You can’t save Detroit.
You gotta be Detroit.”
–Antonio “Shades” Agee

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