• Celebrate Paczki Day in Detroit!

Celebrate Paczki Day in Detroit!

The 8 Best (and weirdest!) Ways to Celebrate Paczki Day

Whether you’re Polish or not, on Paczki Day in Detroit you will be! You can call it Paczki Day or Fat Tuesday or even just a celebration of the donut because it’s pretty much the same thing, except with a Polish twist. If you consider yourself a full-blooded Detroiter, plan on eating your way through at least one Paczki as you celebrate the true Detroiter’s holiday.

We’ve made it easy and compiled a list of what we consider to be the 8 absolute best ways to celebrate Paczki Day in Detroit.

Paczki craze!
Waiting in lines for a Paczki is a true Detroit tradition. (Seriously!) It’s a staple in a Detroiter’s diet, and in case you haven’t already staked them out, here are a few of our favorite sweet shops.
New Martha Washington Bakery
Dutch Girl Donuts
New Palace Bakery
M. Paris Bakery

Paczki Run
For those who want to forego the guilt over the Paczki Day calories, you can take part in Detroit’s annual Paczki Run, on February 6th. Burning the calories ahead of time is almost cheating, but in the name of Fat Tuesday, we’ll forgive you.

Paczki Day Festival in Hamtramck
Celebrate all things Polish at the annual Paczki Festival. In case your Polish is a little rusty, this means traditional Polish dancing, authentic food at the Polish-heart of Detroit, and after-hour Paczki parties at the local bars.

Paczki Day Parade
If there’s only one thing on your Paczki Day agenda (besides eating one,) it should be the annual Paczki Day Parade in Hamtramck. It’s kind of a Detroiter must in our opinion.

Mudgie’s Deli (right around the corner from us!)
If you want the full Paczki Day experience, you’ll get one right inside the local’s favorite, Mudgie’s Deli. Besides their limited-time menu, (Gumbo & more,) you’ll also want to wash it down with a cold bottle of Abita Mardi Gras

Paczki Eating Contest
Eat your heart out at the Paczki Eating Contest. And then eat some more. For those who come with a serious sugar appetite (and elastic waist bands,) one will reign supreme as this year’s Paczki champion. Can you brag about that? In Detroit—YES!

Paczki Day Concerts
Bands, Polish Muslims and Jo-Town, will be Polishing-rocking it out at the New Dodge Lounge in Hamtramck. But the party’s not over until the open-mic-stand-up comedy gets underway. It’s everything a Paczki Day should be.

Make them!
Roll up your sleeves and stock up on a lot of butter eggs and sugar because you’re gonna need it. For all of you DIY fans, you can find a great Paczki recipe right here.

There’s never been a better time to eat like you’re Polish & enjoy the Mardi Gras day of sugar. Celebrate Paczki Day in Detroit where we have a little piece of Paczki heaven going on.