• 5 Cool Things About Detroit's Guardian Building

5 Cool Things About Detroit's Guardian Building

Discover the 5 Coolest Things About Detroit’s Guardian Build

In the heart of Detroit sits one of the most beautiful buildings in the world— an Art Deco masterpiece with forty stories of inspiration. Set in the city’s financial district, Detroit’s Guardian building comes from an era when Detroit was well on its way to becoming the richest city in America. Here are the top 5 reasons we think it’s pretty cool.

Ceilings, ceilings, ceilings!
We all know that the Sistine Chapel is known for its ceilings, but it’s not the only building. Step inside of the magnificent Guardian and look up, and then keep looking. The mosaic-tile ceiling is made with hundreds (and hundreds) of beautiful interlocking hexagons. In under two years, artist Anthony Eugenio cut the tile of the entire ceiling himself. Known as Detroit’s Cathedral of Finance, its three-story ceiling is a must-see.

The lobby. Wow!
From the moment you step through the large doors the awe factor sets in. It’s hard not to impress when there’s a 150-foot main lobby and a vaulted mural ceiling above. Even the elevator bays are worth long stares. And at the end of the lobby, light shines through a beautiful plated-glass window. This building begs for weddings!

The Michigan mural.
This is not just any mural; it’s a 5-story tall mural that can’t help but make a statement. Hand painted by artist Ezra Winter, the mural highlights Michigan’s industries like manufacturing, farming and mining. Not that you could miss it, the mural is at the south end of the main hall. In the center stands an American Indian princess holding out 2 horns of plenty, and in the background is a map of our great city, surrounded by America’s great lakes. To say it’s amazing would be an understatement.

Free Tours
Pure Detroit offers free tours of both the Fisher & Guardian Buildings. (Who doesn’t love FREE?) As they say for themselves, “These are not only two of the most beautiful skyscrapers in the city, state or country. They are two of the most beautiful skyscrapers in the world and they are right here in the heart of Detroit. Need a better reason to join us?”

Sit back in a vintage leather chair, and enjoy great coffee with some of the best views in the city. Its downtown location makes for a perfect place to drop in to get out of the cold, or linger with a sketch pad and some free time. Complete with 5-star reviews, coffee + the Guardian building is a win-win.

Detroit’s Guardian building in is a city a landmark. Stay at Trumbull and Porter Detroit Hotel, just 1 mile away, for another truly Detroit Experience!

Concierge tips:
If you’re planning a visit, there is metered parking available on Congress and Griswold Streets. No advanced reservations are required for the Pure Detroit tours.

The Guardian Building
500 Griswold St
Detroit, MI 48226
For more information look here.